Summer bodies are made in winter

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Beware of "The Little Gremlins"


It's 3:30AM when the alarm goes. It’s late June and the temperature I’m guessing is hovering around 3 degrees celsius.

I force my tired eyelids to open against their wish one at a time and the first word that escapes my lips starts “F” and ends with “K”.

This is when the little, nasty, evil voices in my head jump into action.

"Don’t do it",  they scream at me. 

They beg me to stay in bed a little longer,  "an hour, 1/2 an hour, 15 minutes, ok FK you just 5 minutes" they try bargaining with me BUT deep down I know that if I give them an inch they’ll take a mile.

Then they play on all my emotions both positive negative. These buggers can be very persuasive, telling me things like it won’t make the slightest difference if I have a sleep in, “Hell you can make up for it tomorrow”

They try massaging my ego by telling me 

“You’re the undisputed champ Tone, who can touch you?"

I swear I reckon those little buggers have been implanted in my brain by my competitors. By those that are trying desperately to unseat me at the top of the mountain, my enemies that want to see me fail, to see me experience the bitter taste of defeat.

The easiest things in the world would be not to fight the voices, listen to them and have a bit of a sleep in, but of course I don’t!

Because I know, if I do it once then I’m more than likely to do it again and again and before I know it I’ve blown it!!!

So I get up and hastily don my training clothes, down a quick espresso and out the front door.

It’s that dark and cold that even the Beast (my car) questions my sanity as I wake him up from his slumber under his warm cozy carport “Are you nuts, do you know what time it is?” he seems to scream at me as I wake him up and kick him into action reluctantly driving him out into the dark streets.

Making my way across to Ivanhoe the streets are deserted except for a few night shift workers, the odd thief and the occasional police patrol trying to either catch the thieves or someone in a Red Ute speeding .

Approaching the lane way I switch on my high beams half expecting to catch some no hoper criminal trying to break into my gym. 

I do that hoping to get my adrenaline pumping.

Bummer... no luck, so out I get from the warmth of The Beast and into the cold dark night, my breath leaving a cloud of white wispy fog as I exhale the warm air from my lungs into the cold crisp night air.

I unlock the cold steel door and enter the freezing cold chambers of my gym, which are filled with even colder steel contraptions of torture.

BUT my office is warm (because of the coffee machine) and dark and my desk chair inviting, no make that very inviting.

That’s when those the the little, nasty, evil voices reappear in my head jumping into action yet again.

“Turn the heater on and have a snooze Tone" they implore me, tempting me to take up their offer, almost daring me to sit down on my comfy desk chair.

“FK U” I scream at the top of my lungs (lucky there’s no one around) and quickly turn on all the lights, don my earphones and hit the treadmill.

Here we go again I think to myself as those nasty, evil buggers are at it again hopefully for the last time that day. 

This time they’re saying things like “Just go for a leisurely walk Tone, don’t raise a sweat mate, stuff the stepper the rower the bike, turn on the TV take it easy, read the papers on your Ipad, after all  you are the champ” 

Decision Time

Again it’s decision time and luckily for me I’ve got the benefit of experience behind me and I don’t listen to those evil voices in my head.

YES in the past I’ve succumbed to their persuasive words and as a consequence tasted the bitter flavour of defeat, something I don’t ever want to taste it again.

They’ll be plenty of time to sleep in I reason with myself, after I’ve been crowned “King of Hill” or when I decide to finally hang up my posing trunks or when I’m dead, but nows not the time, nows the time for action, time to pay my dues, the time to pay the price required to stay on top of the hill, the small price for my health and mental wellbeing.

OK so why am I recounting this little story to you?

I’ll tell you why because, YOU ARE NOT ALONE my friends.

I know how you feel and I know how persuasive those buggers can be.

Be Strong:

Don’t listen to them, and embrace the cold winter months to achieve your summer physique because the winter months are ideal for fat loss.

The body utilises more energy to warm up so in actual fact the more you do the quicker you will burn fat. 

And that’s not mentioning the Wellness effect of having a fit and healthy body.   

Posted on April 29, 2015 and filed under Motivation.