We love seeing our clients succeed and love sharing their stories.

Reaching middle age can be challenging for many of us.

Sedentary lifestyles, the stress of modern life and 24/7 routines make the right health outcomes difficult to achieve and maintain.
Training with Tony at NEPT has been a game changer for me. For the first time since my 20s I have been training with clear goals and results. He has helped me recast my relationship with physical activity and diet and as a result I have better energy levels, mental outlook and increased ability to meet the challenges of today’s lifestyle. 
I owe Tony a great deal and encourage anyone who wants to change their lifestyle to get in touch with him and start training.

- Nick Leys


I joined Tony at NEPT when life was at the crossroads.

I needed some direction & focus both personally & professionally. Training at NEPT not only got me in the best condition physically I’ve been in and extremely healthy but helped me set personal goals and work towards achieving them. Tony is not only my personal trainer but a great friend. I had previously tried bigger fanchise gyms & even wellbeing gyms but enjoy my time best at NEPT. Can’t recommend Tony high enough......
Come down and get involved !!!

— Tyson Buechler

Since going to NEPT I've made exercise a part of my life and my daily routine

“I had tried going to regular gyms lots of times, always with the same outcome. I’d start out motivated and even see some results, but soon I’d get bored or distracted by other things and gradually my attendance would fall away to zero. Since going to NEPT I’ve made exercise a part of my life and my daily routine. I’ve been training consistently for ten years. The difference is the personal interest that Tony takes in my progress. Knowing someone is waiting there wondering where I am is enough to get me out of bed for an early morning session every time.”
— Michael McLean

Thanks Tony

“I have trained with Tony Haranas at NEPT Personal Training in Ivanhoe for the last 2 months and within that short time frame he has drastically changed the way I look and feel about my body. Not only has he changed my physique he has taught me lessons about eating healthy and exercising that I will carry on through out life. Tony is very professional, motivating and leads by example to achieve the results your looking for. Within a month I was able to lose 8% body fat which at first, thought was impossible by someone like me, but with his guidance I have achieved more than I could have ever expected. I would recommend Tony to anyone looking to change their life. You not only have a personal trainer but a lifelong friend.
Thanks Tony!”
— Eshara

I wish to express my gratitude of the personal training I have received from you at NEPT over the past 24 months.

When I started training, my fitness was at a very low level. With a hectic work schedule and 3 children I found it extremely difficult to keep up a fitness program that kept me fit and in shape.

After watching you compete in your body building competitions you inspired me to achieve my ultimate goal of completing the 42 km marathon in New York this year. I believe that without your motivation, dedication, well compiled fitness regime and positive attitude, I would have never reached my goal.

I wish to thank you for helping achieve my dream that 2 years ago I couldn’t imagine being able to complete. I now enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle due to my increased fitness levels and highly recommend your skills to anybody seeking motivation and achieving a fitness goal.

— Alex McIntyre

The breaking point for me nearly three years ago.......

I was out of control, comfort eating to cope with the daily stress of life, sugar addiction, binge drinking salt fixes. End result, short breath, sleepless nights, fat gut pouring over my pants with a belt buckle dint on the underside, no breakfeast due to waking up with yellow bile to start the day, feeling faint almost everytime I stood up.

First solid meal of fast takeaway fix at about 3pm. Grease makes me feel better, fried chicken, chips, burgers, dim sims steamed and fried, sit down lunch at a restaurant tastes better with a bottle of red, scotch or beer or all of the above...

Dinner why not anytime after 8pm usually after 9.30. Steak chips, pizza, lamb, pork...meat and wine, beer to wash it all down.

Go out drink some more.

My suit sizes kept getting bigger around the waist, size 32, 34, 36, 38.. They kept getting tighter, my belt kept my constant reminders of where I was.

Father at last! My baby boy was born, I had to do something. I gained weight during the pregnancy, this is only normal if you’re the mother. I had increase my breast size considerably and I was not lactating. My son was looking for food. It was not funny.

Anzac day 2005 my mate Billy visits me and tells me of this bald psycho who made him look great in a few months. Can I meet this Tony guy? What do you mean he picks his clients? “I’m on a strict diet and he is pushing me hard confirms Billy” Off we go to NEPT. Tony seems pretty serious, sounds like he knows what he is on about. Why don’t you come to a couple of classes and see how you go..... that was nearly three years ago. In that time I have been pushed, worked and re aligned. I sleep 8 hours most nights, I enjoy a balanced diet, I think clearly and have been able to organise my Company to run effectively because it is now driven by a new me. The new me has by choice lost over 20 Kilos, enjoys fitted clothing, has a size 32 waist and has quit drinking alcohol, overcome the need for sugar and salt fixes. I go for runs, ride my bike with the best of them. I am there for my 2 children without the pregnancy flab!

I can only thank my life coach Tony Haranas.

Training was enjoyable, I made many friends at NEPT. The environment is awesome.

Tony helped me template my life changing habits. He followed through his end of the deal. He cared enough to help. He put up with me. No money can compensate what my mate Tony has done for me!
— Simon Petzierides


  "Tony is the world's best personal trainer and a great friend. Every session is a good one. Highly recommended" - Kellie