Dr. Nick Antoniades who dropped an incredible amount of body fat to win nept's "Xmas Pudding Challenge"

Training with Tony at NEPT Alphington has been life changing


NEPT is about people.

Normal everyday people that want to "look good and feel even better"

That's what you will find when you walk through the door. You'll find the Ang's, Helen's, Nicks, Kostas', Tysons, Michael's, Jayne's, Katie's and Bob's of this world. Normal People from all walks of life with a desire to improve their health and well being.

They are every people from all walks of life, just like you that I have been helping transform their lives for over 20 years.

Guiding you to achieve the physique you deserve is more than my job, it's my passion!

My dedication, experience & love for all things health & fitness, combined with individually tailored programs has enabled me to provide the best in personal training services. 

How would it feel know that you had a support system that was dedicated to seeing you get the results you want? 

That's exactly what you get at nept.

Apart from a training system that works and has been proven time and time again you also get all the support you need in order to reach your goala 

How do we do this?

By Providing:

  • Caring service in a relaxed but hard working exercise environment 

  • Maintainable and sustainable exercise & nutrition advice

  • Daily & weekly monitoring and mentoring

  • 24/7 support & motivation
  • Access to our Gourmet Health Meals provided by VaTutto Gourmet Health Meals a service exclusive to NEPT clients

We'd love to hear from you!

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