It gives me great pleasure to announce 2016 as the year of NO BULLSHIT

Warning: If you are of a sensitive or easily offended nature please DO NOT continue reading this. :)

Over the years as a Personal Trainer I've just about heard every excuse in the book about why people have failed in their quest for a healthier version or not achieved what they initially set out to do with regards to their health and fitness, so with a tad of tongue in cheek I've decided to compile my Bullshit List and declare 2016 as the "Year of NO BULLSHIT".

I sincerely hope you forget all your Bullshit excuses and make this Your Year, the year where you look back in 12 months time, pat yourself on the back and say "Yep I did it"

So without further ado lets get to

  • I'm big boned - Bullshit you're fat (tongue in cheek)
  • I've got bad genetics - Bullshit
  • I haven't got time - Bullshit, have you got time to get sick?
  • I'm too old - Bullshit over 40 is not old
  • Everything in moderation - Bullshit if that were true why don't you use ice in moderation
  • Food has to be fun - Bullshit food is primarily a substance for our existence - want fun? Try S*X
  • I'm having a bad day - Bullshit try being poor in a 3rd World country
  • I'll Start tomorrow - Bullshit if it's important start NOW
  • I've got my period - Just another bullshit excuse
  • I'm tired - Bullshit you're lazy
  • I'm Hungover - Bullshit just suck it up and pay the price for your stupidity princess
  • I'm Trying - Bullshit try harder - most people work well within their true capacity
  • Health Food is expensive - Bullshit, cigarettes, alcohol and junk food is expensive 
  • Fruit is a health food -Bullshit fruit is full of Fructose - Fructose is a sugar

And now for the NO BULLSHIT

  • Sugar is a drug - True
  • No Pain No Gain - True  
  • Your attitude will determine your altitude - True is mostly between the ears

Well that's it for now folks
Until next time stay safe and I'll see you in the Gym

Posted on January 21, 2016 .